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Hi All


As we move into a more normal situation, I am pleased to inform you that Friday teas are resuming as of this Friday – 31st July.


I attach a copy of the menu for this week. There will be slight changes each week but the favourite Fish and Chips will always be available.


For those of you who are still wary of going out or mixing with others just yet, the TAKE-AWAY SERVICE is also still available.



Keep Safe


Ann Gallo



In line with the advice on the use of sports facilities, the Trustees have outlined the changes which will be in place from 25th July when the courts will reopen for use.


1.   We will only allow singles to be played on each of the Badminton Courts.

2.   There must be no more than 4 people waiting in the corridor at any one time and they must be socially distanced.

3.   We would encourage all users to be changed ready to play when they arrive. We will not be offering shower facilities.

4.   We have a one-way system for movement around the building. Entry is through the main entrance and exit though the sports bar side door.

5.   To ensure adequate ventilation, the fire doors could be opened if required, by a member of staff when the courts are in use.

6.   All players must sign in, in the book provided with details of time in and out.



 FOOTBALL will be shown in the Club (on the big screen only) from Sat 11th July.

Customers will have to remain seated in the seats as they are arranged, and, as has already been advised, it will be table service only for drinks.

Anyone NOT wishing to watch the Football can be seated in the Resident’s Lounge.

We are trying this out but will stop this provision if safety rules are not adhered to.


                          MEAT RAFFLE STARTS AGAIN MONDAY 6TH JULY

30th June 2020

                                                                                                        TO ALL RESIDENTS


We will be opening our doors again and begin serving drinks here at the Club at 4pm on 4thJuly.  Unfortunately the sports facilities will not be available just yet.

In this unprecedented time, you will have seen on the news that we can only open for business under very strict Government guidelines and we can be checked at any time by the Council to ensure that we are complying with the conditions laid down.  For us to adhere to these rules, there will be some obvious changes on how you are to be served and where you can sit and congregate with other customers when you come into the building.  It is very important that you comply with these rules, or unfortunately you may be asked to leave.  Please be patient with the staff while they adjust to the new ways of working.

  1. You will be required to provide name, address and contact details on entry to the Club and you may be subjected to a temperature check.


  1. We request that you use the hand sanitizers provided regularly.


  1. Inside the Club there will be no more than three people allowed at each table unless members of the same family group.


  1. Children must remain with you at all times and accompanied to the toilets by an adult.


  1. No more than one person is allowed in the Toilets at any one time. It is expected that you will adhere to the distancing rules when using the facilities.


  1. You can place your order with a member of staff at your table, who will then bring your drinks and payment can then be made, preferably by contactless card, but cash will also be accepted.


  1. Please note that you will not be allowed to stand at the bar to drink or chat.


  1. According to Government guidelines, whilst the ‘social distancing’ rules have been relaxed from 2m to 1m+, this only applies when masks are worn , so our tables have been spaced at 2m for your safety. 



The Government has indicated that it is relying on the British people “using their common sense” from now on to prevent further outbreaks of Covid 19.  Please remember that if there are further increases in this pandemic, we could be closed down again and this is something that none of us want to see happen.

We look forward to seeing you back in your Club from 4th July.




Events Calendar

Sportsman's Dinner October 2020

16th October 2020

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, this event has had to be cancelled for this year.

All being well, it will be reinstated for 2021.


Room & Sports Hire

Badminton Courts

With our fantastic array of sporting facilities available to hire you'll find:

  • One Squash Court
  • One Table Tennis room
  • Sports Hall with Badminton courts
    complete with Ladies & Gents full showers and changing rooms.
  • Indoor Bowls in Season
  • Karate run by 3rd Party

We also have a sports bar with Two Large Screen TV's and Projector TV showing a variety of Sports with pub games including Pool and Darts and a full selection of televised sports from BT Sport.