February - March 2020

Posted on 30th January 2020


February – March 2019 Newsletter




A little belatedly, but never-the-less, we wish you a healthy and prosperous New Year. We hope to see you all in the club over the coming months. All those who have been in over the past twelve months have seen what changes have been made to the building and we are planning further improvements this year too.


Talking of New Year – The Trustees and staff went to a great deal of trouble in an attempt to make this year’s celebrations special but although most of those who attended, including their paying guests, appreciated their efforts, it has been decided that this type of event will not be repeated this year. It will be a more informal night in both the Residents Lounge and Games room Bar with back-ground music only.




The Trustees are pleased to inform you all that the Management Charges will NOT be increased for the coming year. They are mindful of the constraints we are all under regarding our finances and, although they have been doing all they can to make the Club a warm and welcoming place to visit, will be doing their best to continue to do so with the funds available.

They would ask you all, however, to continue to pay the Charges promptly and comply fully with the Terms and Conditions, printed on the reverse of your Management Charge Statement (which you will receive late March/early April), in order to minimise extra expenditure in having to ‘chase up’ or remind residents of their legal obligations.


Warning - be aware


Just wanted to inform all residents of the following received 24th Jan 2019:

"We had our car broken into at around 4.20am this morning, while it was parked on our driveway on Shiredale Close.  We have CCTV of the incident and it was a teenager/young man on a mountain bike.  The car was locked and alarmed but he managed to get in without causing any damage to the car or the alarm going off.  Our car is the keyless type so he must have been able to override it somehow.  Fortunately he only stole a few coins which we keep in the car for parking meters etc.  We have reported the matter to the Police Neighbourhood Watch, but thought maybe when you next send out a newsletter it might be worth warning everyone so that they can be vigilant.  Many thanks for all you do to keep everyone informed of issues."



Sat 16th Feb - Martin Gregory Lambert – a sensational vocal entertainer, seen on Britain’s got Talent in 2017

Sat 16th Mar – Bob Blakeley – back by popular demand. “The Voice” may not want him, but we do!!

Sat 27th April – Twisted Soul Duo – a fantastic male soul duo.

We are looking to book a really good act once a month and hope you will come along to enjoy these singers.


Regular Activities


Remember!  Friday Teas are available in the Club every week from 6.00pm, with a great menu provided by our Manager Jakki and her Husband (Harry).  The meals are all very reasonably priced and the menu always includes fish and chips with a variety of other lovely meals. This is a treat which makes a nice start to the weekend.

The meals can also be ordered by phone to be collected as a take away - 485 1188.


Rodney's meat raffle which is drawn every Monday at 9.00pm. Raffle tickets are also available for sale behind the bar at opening times.  Rodney buys his meat from Pimlotts the Butchers so it is always the best!


Bridge 7.00pm & Bingo at 9.00pm on a Monday evening, Why not come and try your luck!


Quiz night every Thursday in the lounge from 9.00pm, all teams welcome.


HIIT exercise classes on Mondays and Thursdays at 7.00pm in the small hall.


Slimming World is now an ongoing feature, held in the Club every Wednesday at 9.30am and 11.30am


Yoga Classes 6.30pm every Friday in the Small Hall




In case any of you have had any alterations and/or extensions to your property since moving onto this estate, ALL such work requires planning permission from the Council, as Permitted Development Rights were removed from this estate when it was built because of the irregular design of the roadways and the arrangement of the properties. You also need a letter from the Management Company once planning permission has been granted.

We have had several occasions over the years when neglecting to do this at the correct time has held up a house-sale or on one occasion has actually lost the vendor a sale.


When you contact the Planning Office you need to be very precise about the alteration you are planning and your full address as some officials are not aware of this restriction on this estate.

You can apply for Retrospective Planning Permission from the Council and permission from the Management Company but it is advisable to do this before the need arises as it could take some time to obtain it from the Council.


N. B. This is not something imposed by the Trustees. It was a restriction included in the original Deeds and is not within their jurisdiction to have it removed.